About Godapt

Godapt is a high-end graphic design software, designated for global brands, which market worldwide via local distributors, offices, business partners and franchisees. Such local representatives require local adaptation of the global brand's graphical marketing materials to a variety of local mediums, languages, sizes, formats and other local issues but at the same time need to assure strict compliance and accuracy with central brands guidelines. Within Godapt's setup the system incorporates brand guidelines and assures that all ads adaptation are executed in compliance with this guide including the tiniest details of adapting and preparing the materials according to the printing specifications. With Godapt any local office or distributor can create an unlimited variety of sizes, adapted precisely to each medium (flyers, catalogs, packages, magazines, posters, brochures, Facebook ext.) and with its corresponding local language, without the need of a local graphic or ad agency. The software also incorporates the management of the approval process between the local entity and the central brand.

Why Godapt ?
•Best of bread localized marketing automation (LMA) design software provider
•Designed for the beauty, fashion and luxury industries
• Organizations that are passionate about their brand's identity and consistency across markets
•Built to automate, streamline and globally enforce brand guidelines
•Empowering local marketers to quickly and independently customize global campaigns and resize ads to any local media at the level of a professional design agency
•Backed by a team of best in class designers
•guiding you with expert branding advice

• Maintain your brand integrity and consistency
• Reduce production time and costs
• Empower local marketers to act according to their priorities 24/7 without being too dependent on headquarters.
• Reduce manual labor and errors
• Remove yourself from the local ad submission process and improve productivity
• Reduce communications time to market
• Decoupling creative from production
• Decoupling strategy from production
• Ensure the right version of the right media and right guideline is available everywhere at all times
• Increase the impact of your marketing materials and campaigns by adapting them for local markets – increase local sales
• Visibility into which partners sent which campaigns to whom and with what result and insights on of the media that is accessed most
• Help your local marketers save the costs of a local agency for routine works